Skateboard Maintenance for Beginners

Have you got a new skateboard but not sure how to adjust it or maintain it? You do not have to worry; this guide will take care of most of your problems. The truth is that skateboards require minimal maintenance. You should note that the skateboard is a collection of components and parts, and sometimes an adjustment will make a lot of sense.

Cleaning Bearings

You have to ensure that your skateboard bearings cleaned and lubricated to ensure they remain in top condition. You should note that cleaning is a process. If the wheels are spinning as required, you do not have to lubricate them.

Adjusting the Trucks

The tightness of trucks controls how hard or easy it is for your skateboard to turn. It is a good idea to have tighter trucks. Soon enough, you will find it easy to control the board, and loosening trucks makes things quite easier, particularly for smaller skaters. Ideally, the process of adjusting the truck involves a single nut on every truck. However, you should avoid over loosen to a risk of having it fall off the kingpin. In fact, a full turn should have a noticeable change.

Grip Tape Bubbles

Whenever you grip a board, you should look for different pockets of air between the board and the grip. You can pop the bubble with the corner of a razor blade and then push the air out of the hole. Also, do the same for a newly gripped board. The more the board is skated, the more connected the board and grip become.

Adjusting the Axle Nuts

In a skateboard, wheels are attached to axels with a single nut. You should tighten nuts as much as possible to avoid the impending spin of the wheel. Ideally, it should feel a minimal amount of play as you try to move the wheel side to side. Occasionally, a nut will work itself looser or tighter than it was originally set and ought to be corrected.

Adjusting Truck Mounting Bolts

Every truck is intended to be attached to the skateboard deck by a set of four bolts and four nits. You should keep an eye on this. Usually, nuts have a nylon locking feature that loosens over time. If the nuts become loose, you should tighten them back. You should avoid over tightening them. Remember that you need to avoid embedding the bolt deeply.  

A Guide To Choosing The Best Yoga Mats

One of the ancient practice that has been passed down to our generation is yoga. It’s been in practice for over 5000 years and still gaining popularity as time goes. The practice can be learned from Yoga experts or even online. This means that you can sign up for the classes or do it from the comfort of your home. One of the most important items needed to begin your endeavor especially when doing it at home is a cushioned yoga mat. You can get one from online stores. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing a yoga mat;

How to choose a yoga mat


Yoga mats come in different materials. This will determine the texture of the mat and its longevity. They range from standard mats made from PVC to those made of rubber, jute, form or natural cotton. Depending on your preference and need, chose a mat made of a comfortable material for an easy time during yoga. pillows


The texture of the mat is worth noting when it comes to making a choice. It determines how much grip the mat will have to avoid sliding. You have to ensure the texture is right because if it’s too rough, it may lead to a lot of discomforts due to the high friction. The texture should also offer stickiness that provides grip through suction to keep you from slipping when holding and changing poses.

Yoga type

For those who are beginners in the yoga world, you may not have an idea what kind of yoga will work out for you. With time you will have some preferences and find a yoga mat for your choice will be crucial. Yoga types range from power yoga which involves a lot of movements will need a more textured mat for grip to less intense yoga like restorative yoga which will do well with PVC or foam to provide more comfort. woman doing yoga

Price range

Due to the differences in material, texture, stickiness, thickness and size, prices of yoga mats will vary. Depending on what works best for you, ensure you attain value for your money. Getting a comfortable mat may be a little expensive compared to sub-standard mats. Do not compromise comfort and quality for the price as this will affect your yoga practice directly. Other factors that influence prices like pattern and color can be overlooked if you are price sensitive.